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Local Business Directory, Minneapolis Area

The "Business Directory"

is intended for listings of independent Home Based, Home Office or Small Office Businesses primarily local to the Minneapolis Area. If you qualify as such, you are welcome to submit a banner ad of 275x175px for placement. (If you have no banners, and lack the means to create one, I offer banner creation.) All that is required is the reciprocal placement of a similar banner on your site. Reciprocal banner linking. It is just that simple folks. Nothing complicated.

Not local to the Minneapolis Area?

Don't count yourself out. We like to be flexible and if your business is one which provides a service which can be performed without regard to geographical considerations, please feel free to make a submission. We will gladly review any submission to determine if it would be an appropriate listing. It is after all, the World Wide Web. Why place unnecessary boundaries on ourselves.

Don't have a Web Site but would like to submit an ad?

Well... as we said, "we like to be flexible." So Email us anyway. We can explore other possible terms.

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