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Mission Statement:

Objective 1: At Orphan Computers we are dedicated to combating the crisis of the abandonment of surplus computers. The regrettably needless and improvident end of these computers at the bottom of our community landfills is shameful. We provide these unfortunate computers with exceptional care at our shelter facility located at 3758 W.Broadway in Robbinsdale, where they are housed until they can be matched and placed with suitable adoptive users.

Objective 2: To provide a responsible means for users to relinquish and recycle their unfashionable surplus computers in a secure and economic manner.

Objective 3: To offer education and assessments of the realistic needs of prospective users, matching them with a reasonable level of technology and providing them with an alternative and economical means to computer ownership.

Objective 4: To provide flexible, reliable, and professional computer repair and services for the home or small office for rates which are reasonable and fair. Orphan Computers, we are the honest solution for your Computer repairs, Computer Recycling, Upgrades, Hardware and Software Installations, Spyware and Virus Removal, Setups, Optimizations, Data Backup and Migrations, Data Recovery, Data Security Risk Mitigation, Networking and other computer needs.

Salvaged Computers Awaiting New Homes

Through no fault of their own, these computers became infested with Viruses and Spy-ware to the point that they could no longer "boot." Their previous users, rather than paying to have them repaired at the "Big Box Stores", abandoned them in order to purchase newer, fashionable units. Fortunately, these poor orphans found their way to our shelter facility where they were provided with the best of care, repaired and restored to their former usefulness. If you are in need of an affordable computer, contact us for an honest assessment of your needs. One of these Orphans could very well make you a suitable companion.

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