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An open letter to America's active duty Military Personnel:

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I wanted to be sure to take an opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude to all of you for the service you are doing for your country. I am abundantly aware of the sacrifices you make, as well as the sacrifices that are made by your families. My daughter serves our country as a United States Marine. I am proud of her and all of America's young men and women who have chosen to serve their country during these troubling times.

I worry about my Marine, just as I am sure is the case with any parent whose child is serving in any capacity in the United States Armed Forces. Often, have I seen appear in the eyes of parents, wives, husbands and children, whose loved ones are in the military; the merged pride, concern and anxiety which they hold in their hearts.

I have spent the last several years working for a major computer repair organization owned by one of the country's leading electronics retailers. During that time I have had the opportunity to deal with numerous military personnel who needed repairs performed on their computers. Frequently these individuals were soon to be deployed overseas and they needed solutions for their problems within a matter of days if not hours. Conditions and policies in that environment did not allow me to accommodate them with the repair turnaround time that I felt they were deserving of. This was truly unfortunate, as I am poignantly aware that the computers belonging to our servicemen and women offer a vital and at times the only communications link to their families. I know that the ability I have to send my daughter emails and to receive hers in return is a pleasure I would sorely miss were her laptop to become dysfunctional.

I believe that it is of vital importance for the citizens of our Nation to offer 100% of their support in any way possible to you, our military personnel who stand to sacrifice all for us and our security. It is my belief, as well, that this same support should be extended to your families. I see and hear a lot about "supporting our troops." The signs and ribbons are everywhere you look. On people's cars, in their yards, pins on their clothing, wrist bands. It's an easy thing to say "support our troops." But what exactly does that mean?

I watched with overwhelming emotions as my daughter received her Eagle, Globe and Anchor, transforming her from a "mere recruit" to a United States Marine. I listened as she and hundreds of other young men and women pledged to give all if necessary to support and defend this country. That moment revealed to me the meaning of "support." It's not "saying." It's "doing!"

What I can do on a personal level to support our military personnel may not amount to much, but whatever it may be, I am of the conviction that I should perceive it as a duty to do so. In that regard, as owner of Orphan Computers, I am happy to extend to any of our nation's servicemen and women and their immediate families, a 50% discount on all labor for any of the services I provide that they may require. It would also be my desire to provide for them as rapid a turnaround time as I can muster, particularly in an emergency situation.

50% Discount to Military

If you or your immediate family reside in the Minneapolis area; if you are Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard or an active duty Reservist for any branch of our military; if you or your immediate family are in need of assistance with any computer-related issue, Orphan Computers will do everything possible to assure that you get the help and support you deserve.

If you or your family do not live in the Minneapolis area, what I can do to assist you will be limited, but please contact me anyway. I will do everything that I can to help.

In Grateful Respect,
Blair Pruitt
Proud Father of A United States Marine,
Owner - Orphan Computers

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Our young men and women, and some not so young, who are deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq and other parts of the world where they are in Harms Way can not see your wrist band, the ribbon on your car or the Stars and Stripes flying from your home. But a letter or package from you; that is something they can see. That is something of substance they can put their hands on. A letter or package is meaningful to them. Supporting the Troops is not just "saying." Supporting the Troops is "doing!" Send to those in Harms Way letters of support and items they need. They are there for us, be there for them. Click the Banner below to find out how you can perform this duty! Support


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