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"Recycle Securely and Responsibly With Orphan Computers"

Recycle Securely and Responsibly With Orphan Computers!


Responsible Economic Recycling

Orphan Computers

not only encourages you to recycle responsibly, we will help you to do so. Residential customers can drop off computers and monitors that are good candidates for adoption at our shelter facility at 3758 W. Broadway in Robbinsdale for FREE. Good candidates for placement will be computers capable of running an XP operation system, which have a valid COA and the original OEM restore disks. If you have questions as to the candidacy of your computers for placement, please call us. We are sorry, but we must assess a fee of $.65 a pound for CRT monitors and printers will be accepted only if they are in working order with consumables.
If you have the need, we can pick up your items from your home for a small fee based on distance. Orphan Computers makes every effort to see that these "orphans" are repurposed and placed in hands of suitable and appreciative users. Only if they are unrecoverable will they be respectfully laid to rest.

Commercial customers can drop off computers and other assorted office devices at our shelter facility but will be assessed fees of from $.15 - $.45 a pound based on the suitability for repurposed placement. All Hard Drives will be sanitized according to DOD standards. CRTs will be assessed a fee of $.85 per pound. We do not accept Appliances of any kind. We will perform on site pick up for commercial customers for a $40 fee. Other asset retirement management options are available. Call for further information or estimates. -- (763) 913-5448.

If you are inclined to do your own recycling?

If you would prefer to spend your time gathering up your old computers and monitors, getting them into your vehicle and then back out again after driving to a recycling center, then you need to know where to take them:

Hennepin County has two locations which handle e-wastes. A southern location in Bloomington and a Northern location in Brooklyn Park. Residents, not businesses, can drop off any consumer electronics at these locations, free of charge.

South Hennepin Recycling and Problem Waste Drop-off Center
1400 West 96th Street, Bloomington

Hennepin County Recycling Center and Transfer Station
8100 Jefferson Highway, Brooklyn Park

Other locations are available outside of Hennepin, but they will assess various fees to residents and businesses alike.

Carver County - The Environmental Center in Chaska
116 Peavey Circle, Chaska
$5 per item for Monitors, CPUs and Laptops

Dakota County Environmental Management Department Eco-Site
3365 South Highway 149, Eagan (Behind Gopher Resource)
Collection of Residential Electronic waste is now FREE at this center.

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